The techniques evolved over the last 40+ years by IMFS are based on a reinforced concrete shell with a core of expanded polystyrene.  Large floating foundations (or pontoons, docks, floats) are built in one piece where launching and transportation is practical.  In other cases a large float can be built in components and assembled as a single piece close to its ultimate location.  Marinas and walkways are joined using a patented proprietary connector which allows articulation between sections.

The following features are requirements in each and every IMFS floatation platform:

UNSINKABLE: Not a vessel, unsinkable under any condition, no bilge pumps/alarms required.

FIREPROOF: Non-combustible, no wood walers used to connect floats together
MAINTENANCE-FREE: You never need to haul-out for painting or scraping below water line.
ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION: Floating homes and commercial structures are built in one piece.
MASS OR WEIGHT: Foundations are heavy with a low centre of gravity providing a safe, gentle ride.
DURABLE: Floating foundations must last longer than the structure built on it.
RIGID: Built on land with rigidity to withstand lifting and launching stresses.
INSULATED: Floating foundation are completely insulated.
INSURABLE: Qualify for standard insurance
PORTABLE: IMFS has towed platforms over 400km and trucked floats across North America.
FLEXIBLE: All services can be designed to be incorporated into the platform
ENVIRONMENTALY SAFE: Concrete is an innert material
CONNECTOR: Patented “Danbuoy” connector eliminates dependence on structural wood walers.
ENGINEERING: IMFS will provide conceptual & layout design and we outsource the engineering to 3rd party professional registered engineers.