IMFS currently licenses its innovative floating technology to developers and contractors throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Central America. We seek individuals or corporations who are committed to supplying IMFS Foundations (pontoons, docks, floats) to select areas of the world.

After more then 30 years, IMFS has gone through the learning curve of many different types of waterfront projects all over the world. With this vast experience we are capable of passing the knowledge on to you. IMFS provides a proven system, start-up support, and ongoing guidance.

By choosing IMFS you:

  • Have a team of experts with proven experience to assist you
  • Get brand name recognition
  • Have on going training and support
  • Are supplied detailed operating manuals
  • Benefit from ongoing research and development
  • Network with partner companies and contacts all over the world
  • Get advice on advertising and marketing material
  • Benefit from proven design, engineering, construction and launch techniques
  • Improve your chance of over all success

 If you are interested in becoming an IMFS representative and would like further information please complete all fields of the form below and someone will contact.  Thank you for your interest.

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